Computer Science & Engineering

S.No Volume Issue Paper Title Authors
1 101 Innocrowd, A Contribution to an IoT Based Engineering Product Development Camille Salinesi1, Clotilde Rohleder2, Asmaa Achtaich1, 3 and Indra Kusumah1, 2, 1CRI -Paris 1 Sorbonne University, France, 2University of Applied Science HTWG Constanz, Germany and 3Siweb – Université Mohammed 5, MarocFull Text
2 101 Revisit Dialogflow in an English Teaching Virtual Assistant use Case M.S. Tran1, T.H. Tran2, Q.D. Tran3 and D.T. Nguyen1, 1AI Lab, Topica Holding, Vietnam, 2University of Technology and Education, Vietnam and 3Hanoi University of Science and Technology, VietnamFull Text
3 101 Tensorflow 2.0 and Kubeflow for Scalable and Reproducable Enterprise AI Romeo Kienzler1, 2, Holger Kyas2, 3, 4, 1IBM Center for Open Source Data and AI Technologies, USA, 2Berne University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, 3Open Group, USA and 4Helvetia Insurance Switzerland, SwitzerlandFull Text
4 101 Analysis of Echo Characteristics for Time - Varying Scatterers Junjie Wang, Weidong Hu and Dejun Feng, National University of Defense Technology, ChinaFull Text
5 101 Event-based Real-time Hand Gesture Recognition using Spiking Neural Network Van Khoa LE and Sylvain Bougnoux, IMRA Europe S.A.S., FranceFull Text
6 101 Privacy Preserving Data Aggregation and Dynamic Billing System in Smart Grid Using Permissioned Blockchain Ozgur Oksuz, Adiyaman University, TurkeyFull Text
7 101 Design of Blockchain Ledger Compression Algorithm Zhijun Wu, Yiming Yang and Xin Lu, Civil Aviation University of China, ChinaFull Text
8 101 Fase-AL - Adaptation of Fast Adaptive Stacking of Ensembles for Supporting Active Learning Agustín Alejandro Ortiz-Díaz1, Fabiano Baldo1, Laura María Palomino Mariño2 and Alberto Verdecia Cabrera3, 1Santa Catarina State University, Brazil, 2Pernambuco Federal University, Brazil and 3Granma University, Cuba Full Text
9 101 Evaluating Verbal Production Levels Fabio Fassetti1 and Ilaria Fassetti2, 1University of Calabria, Italy and 2Therapeia, ItalyFull Text
10 101 Comparison of Turkish Word Representations Trained on Different Morphological Forms Gökhan Güler and A. Cüneyd Tantuğ, Istanbul Technical University, TurkeyFull Text
11 101 RGBD Based Generative Adversarial Network for 3D Semantic Scene Completion Jiahao Wang, Ling Pei*, Danping Zou, Yifan Zhu, Tao Li and Ruochen Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ChinaFull Text
12 101 Filter-based Active Suspension System with Adapted Reference Input Adel Djellal1 and Rabah Lakel2, 1Higher School for Industrial Technologies, Annaba, Algeria and 2Badji Mokhtar University, AlgeriaFull Text
13 102 Privacy-preserving Pattern Recognition with Image Compression Takayuki Nakachi1 and Hitoshi Kiya2, 1Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Japan and 2Tokyo Metropolitan University, JapanFull Text
14 102 Local Gray World Method for Single Image Dehazing Vedran Stipetić and Sven Lončarić, University of Zagreb, CroatiaFull Text
15 102 Meramalnet: A Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network for Bioactivity Prediction in Structure-based Drug Discovery Hentabli Hamza1, Naomie Salim1, Maged Nasser1 and Faisal Saeed2, 1Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia and 2Taibah University, Saudi ArabiaFull Text
16 102 Data Mining and Machine Learning in Earth Observation – An Application for Tracking Historical Algal Blooms Alexandria Dominique Farias and Gongling Sun, International Space University, FranceFull Text
17 102 Two Approaches Toward Graphical Definitions of Knowledge and Wisdom Mark Atkins, Florida Institute of Technology, USAFull Text
18 102 From Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering for Digital Transformation Kiran Kumaar CNK, Capgemini India Private Limited, Bengaluru, IndiaFull Text
19 102 Design of Software Trusted Tool based on Semantic Analysis Guofengli, Beijing University of Technology, ChinaFull Text
20 102 Building A Bi-objective Quadratic Programming Model for the Support Vector Machine Mohammed Zakaria Moustafa1, Mohammed Rizk Mohammed1, Hatem Awad Khater2 and Hager Ali Yahia1, 1Alexandria University, Egypt, 2HORAS University, EgyptFull Text
21 102 A Brief Survey of Data Pricing for Machine Learning Zuoqi Tang, Zheqi Lv, Chao Wu, Zhejiang University, ChinaFull Text
22 102 Research on Farmland Pest Image Recognition Based on Target Detection Algorithm Shi Wenxiu and Li Nianqiang, University of Jinan, ChinaFull Text
23 103 Topic Tracking and Visualization Method using Independent Topic Analysis Takahiro Nishigaki, Kenta Yamamoto and Takashi Onoda, Aoyama Gakuin University, JapanFull Text
24 103 The Impact of AI on the Design of Reception Robot: A Case Study Nguyen Dao Xuan Hai and Nguyen Truong Thinh, HCMC University of Technology and Education Ho Chi Minh City, Viet NamFull Text
25 103 Performance Evaluation of Prince based Glitch PUF With Several Selection Parts Yusuke Nozaki and Masaya Yoshikawa, Meijo University, JapanFull Text
26 103 Enhancing Network Forensics with Particle Swarm and Deep Learning: The Particle Deep Framework Nickolaos Koroniotis and Nour Moustafa, University of New South Wales Canberra, AustraliaFull Text
27 103 Ontology-based Model for Security Assessment: Predicting Cyberattacks Through Threat Activity Analysis Pavel Yermalovich and Mohamed Mejri, Université Laval, CanadaFull Text
28 103 Playing Virtual Musical Drums by MEMS 3D Accelerometer Sensor Data and Machine Learning Shaikh Farhad Hossain, Kazuhisa Hirose, Shigehiko Kanaya and Md. Altaf-Ul-Amin, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), JapanFull Text
29 103 Entanglement in Shor's Factoring Algorithm Jianing Tan, Zhihao Liu and Hanwu Chen, Southeast University, ChinaFull Text
30 103 Two Staged Prediction of Gastric Cancer Patient’s Survival Via Machine Learning Techniques Peng Liu1, Liuwen Li1, Chen Yu2 and Shumin Fei1, 1Southeast University, China and 2Western Medicine Jiangsu Cancer Hospital, ChinaFull Text
31 103 Information Retrieval in Data Science Curricula Duaa Bukhari, Long Island University, USAFull Text
32 104 Managing the Syntactic Blindness of Latent Semantic Analysis Raja Muhammad Suleman and Ioannis Korkontzelos, Edge Hill University, United KingdomFull Text
33 104 Comparative Analysis of Word Embeddings for Capturing Word Similarities Martina Toshevska, Frosina Stojanovska and Jovan Kalajdjieski, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, MacedoniaFull Text
34 104 Driving Product Sales Performance using Product Prelaunch Linguistics Analytic Approach Winnie Ng and Vincent Cho, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong KongFull Text
35 104 The Port Z3R0 Effect! Human Behaviors Related to Susceptibility Henry Collier1 and Alexandra Collier2, 1Norwich University, USA and 2Southern New Hampshire University, USAFull Text
36 104 Information Technology of Laser Coagulation Strategy Selection in Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment Shirokanev Alexander1, 2, Kibitkina Alena2, Ilyasova Nataly1, 2 and Zamyckij Evgeny3, 1IPSI RAS - branch of the FSRC, Russia, 2Samara National Research University, Russia and 3Samara State Medical University, RussiaFull Text
37 104 Privacy Enhanced Attribute based eSign Puneet Bakshi and Sukumar Nandi, Indian Institute of Technology, IndiaFull Text
38 104 An Analysis of the Emotional Tendency of New Words in Chinese Text Based on Word2Vec Jiang Quan and Rao Wenbi, Wuhan University of Technology, ChinaFull Text
39 104 Code Generation Based on Inference and Controlled Natural Language Input Howard Dittmer and Xiaoping Jia, DePaul University, USAFull Text
40 104 An Internet of Things (IoT) Solution to Optimise the Livestock Feed Supply Chain David Raba1, Salvador Gurt2, Oriol Vila2 and Esteve Farres2, 1Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain and 2Insylo Technologies Inc., SpainFull Text
41 104 Minerva: A Portable Machine Learning Microservice Framework for Traditional Enterprise SaaS Applications Venkata Duvvuri, Oracle Corp & Purdue University, USAFull Text
42 104 Estimation of Location and Separation Between Acoustic Emitting Sources : A Comparison Between Classical and Modern Methods Mujahid F. AL-Azzo and Azzah T.Qaba, Ninevah University, IraqFull Text
43 105 Identification of Technology-Relevant Entities Based on Trend Curves Sukhwan Jung, Rachana Reddy Kandadi, Rituparna Datta, Ryan Benton and Aviv Segev, University of South Alabama, USAFull Text
44 105 Contextual Factors Influencing the Design and Management of Health Information Systems’ Interoperability Grace Kobusinge, Gothenburg University, Sweden & Makerere University, UgandaFull Text
45 105 Transcript Level Analysis Improves the Understanding of Bladder Cancer Xiang Ao and Shuaicheng Li, City University of Hong Kong, Hong KongFull Text
46 105 Leading DevOps Practice and Principle Adoption Krikor Maroukian1 and Stephen R. Gulliver2, 1Microsoft, Greece and 2University of Reading, Henley Business School, UKFull Text
47 105 Communication between Coroutines on Sunway Many-core Platform Shaodi Li, Junmin Wu, Yi Zhang and Yawei Zhou, University of Science and Technology of China, ChinaFull Text
48 105 Linking Social Media Posts to News with Siamese Transformers Jacob Danovitch, Carleton University, CanadaFull Text
49 105 Hate Speech Detection of Arabic Shorttext Abdullah Aref1, Rana Husni Al Mahmoud2, Khaled Taha3 and Mahmoud Al-Sharif3, 1Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan, 2University of Jordan, Jordan and 3Trafalgar AI, JordanFull Text
50 105 Topic Detection from Conversational Dialogue Corpus with Parallel Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model and Elbow Method Haider Khalid and Vincent Wade, University of Dublin, IrelandFull Text
51 105 Quantum Criticism: a Tagged news Corpus Analysed for Sentiment and Named Entities Ashwini Badgujar, Sheng Cheng, Andrew Wang, Kai Yu, Paul Intrevado and David Guy Brizan, University of San Francisco, USAFull Text
52 105 VSMbM: A New Metric for Automatically Generated Text Summaries Evaluation Alaidine Ben Ayed1,3, Ismaïl Biskri2,3 and Jean-Guy Meunier3, 1Department of Computer Science, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada, 2Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), Canada and 3LANCI : Laboratoire d'ANalyse Cognitive de l'Information, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), CanadaFull Text
53 105 Free-text and Structured Clinical Time Series for Patient Outcome Predictions Emilia Apostolova1, Joe Morales2, Ioannis Koutroulis3 and Tom Velez2, 1Language.ai, USA, 2Computer Technology Associates, USA, 3Children's National Health System, USAFull Text
54 105 A Novel Bit Allocation Algorithm in Multi-view Video Tao Yan1, In-Ho Ra2, Deyang Liu3, Jiajun Hong1, Jingyu Feng1 and Shaojie Hou1, 1Putian University, China, 2Kunsan National University, South Korea and 3Anqing Normal University, ChinaFull Text
55 105 A Semi-supervised Learning Approach to Forecast CPU Usages under Peak Load in an Enterprise Environment Nitin Khosla1 and Dharmendra Sharma2, 1Assistant Director – Performance Engineering, Dept. of Home Affairs, Austrlia, 2University of Canberra, AustrliaFull Text
56 105 Advanced Rate Control Technologies for MVC Tao Yan1, In-Ho Ra2, Na Song1, Yu Youhao1, Zhicheng Wu1 and Zhongyu Shi1, 1Putian University, China, 2Kunsan National University, South KoreaFull Text
57 105 Oversampling Log Messages using A Sequence Generative Adversarial Network for Anomaly Detection and Classification Amir Farzad and T. Aaron Gulliver, University of Victoria, CanadaFull Text
58 105 Industrial Duct Fan Maintenance Predictive Approach Based on Random Forest Mashael Maashi, Nujood Alwhibi, Fatima Alamr, Rehab Alzahrani, Alanoud Alhamid and Nourah Altawallah, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaFull Text
59 105 Classification of Computer Hardware and Performance Prediction using Statistical Learning and Neural Networks Courtney Foots1, Palash Pal2, Rituparna Datta1 and Aviv Segev1, 1University of South Alabama, USA and 2Burdwan University, IndiaFull Text
60 105 Safety Helmet Detection in Industrial Environment using Deep Learning Ankit Kamboj and Nilesh Powar, Cummins Technologies India Pvt. IndiaFull Text
61 105 Rate Control Based on Similarity Analysis in Multi-view Video Coding Tao Yan1, In-Ho Ra2, Deyang Liu3, Deli Chen1, Yu Youhao1 and Shaojie Hou1, 1Putian University, China, 2Kunsan National University, South Korea and 3Anqing Normal University, ChinaFull Text
62 105 TPM Based Design for Enhanced Trust in SaaS Services Mustapha Hedabou1,2, Ali Azougaghe3, Ahmed Bentajer4, 1University Mohammed VI Polytechnic, Morocco, 2University Cadi Ayyad, Morocco, 3ENSIAS Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco and 4ENSA School of Tetouan Abdelmalek Essaadi University, MoroccoFull Text
63 105 Design and Hardware Implementation of A Separable Image Steganographic Scheme using Public-key Cryptosystem Salah Harb, M. Omair Ahmad and M.N.S Swamy, Concordia University, CanadaFull Text
64 105 Use of an IoT Technology to Analyse the Inertial Measurement of Smart Ping-pong Paddle Rajeev Kanth1, Tuomas Korpi1 and Jukka Heikkonen2, 1Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland and 2University of Turku, FinlandFull Text
65 105 Multi-task Knowledge Distillation with Rhythm Features for Speaker Verification Ruyun Li1, Peng Ouyang2, Dandan Song2 and Shaojun Wei1, 1Tsinghua University, China and 2TsingMicro Co. Ltd., ChinaFull Text
66 105 An Automatic Detection of Fundamental Postures in Vietnamese Traditional Dances Ngan-Khanh Chau1 and Truong-Thanh Ma2, 1An Giang University, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2Soc Trang Community College, VietnamFull Text
67 105 Performance Analysis of AODV, DSDV and ZRP Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks using NS2 Tool Faïza Tabbana, Military Academy, TunisiaFull Text
68 106 FCNNMD: A Novel Fusion Method based on Convolutional Neural Network for Malware Detection Jing Zhang1 and Yu Wen2, 1University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China and 2Chinese Academy of Sciences, ChinaFull Text
69 106 Trusted Computing in Data Science: Viable Countermeasure in Risk Management Plan Uchechukwu Emejeamara1, Udochukwu Nwoduh2 and Andrew Madu2, 1IEEE Computer Society, Connecticut Section, USA and 2Federal Polytechnic Nekede, NigeriaFull Text
70 106 Grant-free SAFE-SCMA Based on Detection of Unknown Abnormal Codebooks Hanyuan Huang, Tao Li and Hui Zhao, Sichuan University, ChinaFull Text
71 106 Parking Assistance Display with Estimated Parking Space Using Stereo Vision Chi-Cheng Cheng, Chi-Cheng Lee, and Jyun-Han Huang, National Sun Yat-Sen University, TaiwanFull Text
72 106 Melanoma Detection in Histopathological Images using Deep Learning Salah Alheejawi, Richard Berendt, Naresh Jha and Mrinal Mandal, University of Alberta, CanadaFull Text
73 106 The Parallel HTM Spatial Pooler with Actor Model Damir Dobric1, Andreas Pech2, Bogdan Ghita1 and Thomas Wennekers1, 1University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, 2Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, GermanyFull Text
74 106 A 3D Simulation for the Feedback Loop between Orbital Debris and Future Space Activities and Economy Qianyu Liu1, Emmanuel Reyes2 and Yu Sun3, 1El Toro High School, USA, 2University of California, USA, 3California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
75 106 REBD: A Conceptual Framework for Big Data Requirements Engineering Sandhya Rani Kourla, Eesha Putti and Mina Maleki, University of Detroit Mercy, USAFull Text
76 106 Systematic Attack Surface Reduction for Deployed Sentiment Analysis Models Josh Kalin1, David Noever2 and Gerry Dozier1, 1Auburn University, USA and 2PeopleTec, Inc, USAFull Text
77 106 Automation of Purchase Order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 by Deploying Selenium Vijay Biju and Shahid Ali, AGI Institute, New ZealandFull Text
78 106 Critical Discourse Analysis of Huawei on Twitter Zheng qiqi, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, ChinaFull Text
79 107 Hand Segmentation for Arabic Sign Language Alphabet Recognition Ouiem Bchir, King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaFull Text
80 107 Back-propagation Neural Network based Method for Predicting the Interval Natural Frequencies of Structures with Uncertain-but -bounded Parameters Pengbo Wang1, Wenting Jiang2 and Qinghe Shi3, 1Beihang University, China, 2Chinese Academy of Sciences, China and 3Jiangsu University of Technology, ChinaFull Text
81 107 Preperformance Testing of A Website Sushma Suryadevara and Shahid Ali, AGI Institute, New ZealandFull Text
82 107 A Self-Attentional Auto Encoder based Intrusion Detection System Bingzhang Hu and Yu Guan, Newcastle University, UKFull Text
83 108 Multi-label Classifier Performance Evaluation with Confusion Matrix Damir Krstinić, Maja Braović, Ljiljana Šerić and Dunja Božić-Štulić, University of Split, CroatiaFull Text
84 108 Developing E-learning System to Support Math in Thai Education Curriculum (Primary Level) Piya Techateerawat, Thammasat University, Thailand Full Text
85 108 Simple Face Thermal Features for Gender Discrimination Georgia Koukiou and Vassilis Anastassopoulos, University of Patras, GreeceFull Text
86 108 Biomedical Study of Demographics and Clinical Features of Lichen Planopilaris among the Iranian Population Maryamsadat Nejadghaderi1, Ashkan Tashk2, Parvin Mansouri1 and Zahra Safaei Naraghi1, 1Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Iran and 2University of Southern Denmark (SDU), DenmarkFull Text
87 108 Two Evolutionary Hybrid Stages for the Rectangular Bin Packing Problem with Constraints Slimane Abou-Msabah, Ahmed Riadh Baba-Ali and Basma Sagr, University of Science and Technology Houari Boumedienne (USTHB), AlgeriaFull Text
88 108 Effective Teaching Startegies in an Online Enviroment Keith Buckley, Director of Physical Education Rollins College (USA), USAFull Text
89 108 Tibetan and Chinese Text Image Classification based on Convolutional Neural Network Jincheng Li, Penghai Zhao, Yusheng Hao, Qiang Lin, Weilan Wang, Northwest Minzu University, ChinaFull Text
90 109 Comparison of GNSS Patch Versus GPS L1 Patch Antenna Performance Characteristic Gholam Aghashirin1, Hoda S. Abdel-Aty-Zohdy1, Mohamed A. Zohdy1, Darrell Schmidt1 and Adam Timmons2, 1Oakland University, USA, 2McMaster University, CanadaFull Text
91 109 Classification of Fatigue in Consumer-grade EEG Using Entropies as Features Muhammad Azam, Derek Jacoby and Yvonne Coady, University of Victoria, Canada Full Text
92 109 Project of Sorting System for Plastic Garbage in Sorting Plant Based on Artificial Intelligence Janusz Bobulski and Mariusz Kubanek, Czestochowa University of Technology, PolandFull Text
93 109 Evaluating and Validating Cluster Results Anupriya Vysala and Joseph Gomes, Bowie State University, USA Full Text
94 109 Data-Driven Techniques for Music Genre Recognition Sergio Santiago Rentería, Jesus Leopoldo Llano and Francisco Javier Cantú-Ortiz, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México Full Text
95 109 Prediction of Cancer Microarray and DNA Methylation Data using Non-negative Matrix Factorization Parth Patel1, Kalpdrum Passi1 and Chakresh Kumar Jain2, 1Laurentian University, Canada and 2Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, IndiaFull Text
96 109 A Framework for Capturing and Analyzing Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data for a Knowledge Management System Gerald Onwujekwe1, Kweku-Muata Osei-Bryson1 and Nnatubemugo Ngwum2, 1Virginia Commonwealth University, USA, 2Towson University, USAFull Text
97 109 Facial Expression Recognition Using combined Pre-Trained Convnets Raid Saabni1, 2 and Alon Schclar1, 1The Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo, Israel, 2Traiangle R&D Center, IsraelFull Text
98 109 Follow then Forage Exploration: Improving Asynchronous Advantage Actor Critic James B. Holliday and T.H. Ngan Le, University of Arkansas, USA Full Text
99 109 Automated Classification of Banana Leaf Diseases using an Optimized Capsule Network Model Bolanle F. Oladejo and Oladejo Olajide Ademola, University of Ibadan, Nigeria Full Text
100 109 An Adaptive Utilization of Convolutional Matrix Methods on Sliced Hippocampal Neuron Cell Segmentation with an Application Interface Neeraj Rattehalli1 and Ishan Jain2, 1Menlo-Atherton High School, USA, 2Mission San Jose High School, USAFull Text
101 109 Wireless Sensor Networks Simulators and Testbeds Souhila Silmi1,2, Zouina Doukha1, Rebiha Kemcha2,3, Samira Moussaoui1, 1USTHB University, Algeria, 2Higher Normal School Elbachir Elibrahimi-Kouba, Algeria, 3University of Boumerdes, AlgeriaFull Text
102 109 An Enhanced Lucene based System for Efficient Document/Information Retrieval Alaidine Ben Ayed1, Ismaïl Biskri1,2 and Jean-Guy Meunier1, 1Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada, 2Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), CanadaFull Text
103 109 Multiple Layers of Fuzzy Logic to Quantify Vulnerabilities in IoT Mohammad Shojaeshafiei, Letha Etzkorn and Michael Anderson, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, USAFull Text
104 109 A New Intelligent Power Factor Corrector for Converter Applications Hussain Attia, American University of Ras Al Khaimah, UAEFull Text
105 109 A Flow Simulation in the Foaming Process Karel Fraňa1, Jörg Stiller2 and Iva Nová1, 1Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic, 2Technische Universität Dresden, GermanyFull Text
106 109 DOCPRO: A Framework for Building Document Processing Systems Ming-Jen Huang, Chun-Fang Huang, Chiching Wei, Foxit Software Inc., USAFull Text
107 109 Object Detection in Traffic Scenarios - A Comparison of Traditional and Deep Learning Approaches Gopi Krishna Erabati, Nuno Gonçalves and Hélder Araújo, University of Coimbra, PortugalFull Text
108 109 Using Holographically Compressed Embeddings in Question Answering Salvador E. Barbosa, Middle Tennessee State University, USA Full Text
109 109 A Semantic Question Answering in a Restricted Smart Factory Domain Attaching to Various Data Sources Orçun Oruç, Technische Universität Dresden, GermanyFull Text
110 109 A Systematic Review of Natural Language Processing for Knowledge Management in Healthcare Ganga Prasad Basyal, Bhaskar P Rimal and David Zeng, Dakota State University, USAFull Text
111 1010 Data Confidentiality in P2P Communication and Smart Contracts of Blockchain in Industry 4.0 Jan Stodt and Christoph Reich, University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen, Germany Full Text
112 1010 Role of Multimedia Information Retrieval in Providing a Credible Evidence for Digital Forensic Investigations: Open Source Intelligence Investigation Analysis Amr Adel1 and Brian Cusack2, 1Whitecliffe College of Technology & Innovation, New Zealand, 2Auckland University of Technology, New ZealandFull Text
113 1010 Agreements between Enterprises digitized by Smart Contracts in the Domain of Industry 4.0 Kevin Wallis, Jan Stodt, Eugen Jastremskoj and Christoph Reich, Furtwangen University of Applied Science, Germany Full Text
114 1010 Integration of Safety Means with Functions of Blockchain in Multi-layered Architecture of IoT for Safer Data Transmission Procedures Raimundas Savukynas, Vilnius University, LithuaniaFull Text
115 1010 Integrative Framework for Blockchain Implementation: Uniting Organizational, Business and Engineering Factors Amr Adel, Whitecliffe College of Technology & Innovation, New Zealand Full Text
116 1010 Apply Modern Statistical Clustering Analysis on Detecting Altitude Sickness and Sports Fatigue Behavior Mason Chen, OHS, Stanford University, USA Full Text
117 1010 A Review of Behavior Analysis of College Students Wei-hong WANG, Hong-yan LV, Yu-hui CAO, Lei SUN and Qian FENG, Hebei University of Economics and Business, ChinaFull Text
118 1010 Ready to Use Virtual Machine Pool Cache using Warm Cache Sudeep Kumar, Deepak Kumar Vasthimal and Musen Wen, eBay Inc., San Jose, CA, USA Full Text
119 1010 Text-based Emotion Aware Recommender John Kalung Leung, Igor Griva and William G. Kennedy, George Mason University, USA Full Text
120 1010 An Inner/Outer Loop Ensemble-Variational Data Assimilation Method Yueqi Han1,2, Bo Yang1,2, Yun Zhang1, Bojiang Yang1 and Yapeng Fu1,2, 1National University of Defense Technology, China, 2PLA Army Engineering University, ChinaFull Text
121 1010 Change Detection using Synthetic Aperture Radar Videos Hasara Maithree, Dilan Dinushka and Adeesha Wijayasiri, University of Moratuwa, Sri LankaFull Text
122 1010 A Feature-based Fragile Watermarking for Tamper Detection using Voronoi Diagram Decomposition Nour El-Houda GOLEA and Kamal Eddine MELKEMI, University of Batna2, Algeria Full Text
123 1010 Using SDR Platform to Extract the RF Fingerprint of the Wireless Devices for Device Identification Ting-Yu Lin, Chia-Min Lai and Chi-Wei Chen, Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan Full Text
124 1010 Derivation of Loop Gain and Stability Test for Low-pass Tow-Thomas Biquad Filter MinhTri Tran, Anna Kuwana and Haruo Kobayashi, Gunma University, Japan Full Text
125 1010 Tala Classification in Carnatic Music using Audio Thumbnailing Amulya Sri Pulijala and Suryakanth V Gangashetty, International Institute of Information Technology, India Full Text
126 1010 Design of Active Inductor and Stability Test for Passive RLC Low-Pass Filter MinhTri Tran, Anna Kuwana, and Haruo Kobayashi, Gunma University, Japan Full Text
127 1010 Deep Learning Based Classification of 2D and 3D Images For Facial Expression Recognition: Comparison Study Fouzia Adjailia, Diana Olejarova and Peter Sincak, Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic Full Text
128 1010 Approaches to Fraud Detection on Credit Card Transactions using Artificial Intelligence Methods Yusuf Yazici, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey Full Text
129 1010 Coding with Logistic Softmax Sparse Units Gustavo A. Lado and Enrique C. Segura, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina Full Text
130 1011 Evaluating the Impact of Different Types of Crossover and Selection Methods on the Convergence of 0/1 Knapsack using Genetic Algorithm Waleed Bin Owais, Iyad W. J. Alkhazendar and Mohammad Saleh, Qatar University, QatarFull Text
131 1011 A Novel Mobile ECG Sensor with Wireless Power Transmission for Remote Health Monitoring Jin-Chul Heo, Eun-Bin Park, Chan-Il Kim, Hee-Joon Park and Jong-Ha Lee, Keimyung University, Korea Full Text
132 1011 Learning for E-learning Carsten Lecon and Marc Hermann, Aalen University, Germany Full Text
133 1011 Usability Evaluation to Improve Operation Interface of Wireless Device: Pressure Range of Touch Sensor Sangwoo Cho and Jong-Ha Lee, Keimyung University, South KoreaFull Text
134 1011 Covid CT Net: A Transfer Learning Approach for Identifying Corona Virus from CT Scans Smaranjit Ghose and Suhrid Datta, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, IndiaFull Text
135 1011 VirtFun: Function Offload Methodology to Virtualized Environment Carlos A Petry and Rodolfo J. de Azevedo, University of Campinas, Brazil Full Text
136 1011 Evaluation of Company Investment Value based on Machine Learning Junfeng Hu, Xiaosa Li, Yuru Xu, Shaowu Wu and Bin Zheng, Beijing University of Technology, ChinaFull Text
137 1011 A Wide Band Microstrip Monopole Slot Antenna for Chipless RFID Applications Chaker ESSID1, Hedi SAKLI2,3 and Nizar SAKLI3, 1Carthage University, Tunisia, 2University of Gabes, Tunisia, 3EITA Consulting, FranceFull Text
138 1011 Quality of Service-Aware Security Framework for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using Optimized Link State Routing Protocol Thulani Phakathi, Francis Lugayizi and Michael Esiefarienrhe, North-West University, South Africa Full Text
139 1011 The General Law Principles for Protection the Personal Data and their Importance Jonatas S. de Souza1, 2, Jair M, Abe1, Luiz A. de Lima1, 2 and Nilson A. de Souza2, 3, 1Paulista University, Brazil, 2National Association of Data Privacy Professionals, Brazil, 3São Paulo State Supplementary Pension Foundation, BrazilFull Text
140 1011 IoT Model for Smart Universities: Architecture, Challenges, and Applications Amr Adel, Whitecliffe College of Technology and Innovation, New Zealand Full Text
141 1011 A Process for Complete Autonomous Software Display Validation and Testing (Using A Car-Cluster) Malobika Roy Choudhury, SAP Labs India Pvt Lmt., India Full Text
142 1011 A Study on the Minimum Requirements for the On-Line, Efficient and Robust Validation of Neutron Detector Operation and Monitoring of Neutron Noise Signals using Harmony Theory Networks Tatiana Tambouratzisa, Laurent Panterab and Petr Stulikc, aUniversity of Piraeus, Greece, bLaboratoire des Programmes Expérimentaux et des Essais en Sûreté, France, cÚJV Řeža.s., Czech RepublicFull Text
143 1011 Penalized Bootstrapping for Reinforcement Learning in Robot Control Christopher Gebauer and Maren Bennewitz, University of Bonn, Germany Full Text
144 1011 Analysis of the Displacement of Terrestrial Mobile Robots in Corridors Using Paraconsistent Annotated Evidential Logic Eτ Flavio Amadeu Bernardini1, Marcia Terra da Silva1, Jair Minoro Abe1, Luiz Antonio de Lima1 and Kanstantsin Miatluk2, 1Paulista University, Brazil, 2Bialystok University of Technology, PolandFull Text
145 1011 Non-Negative Matrix Factorization of Story Watching Time of Tourists for Best Sightseeing Spot and Preference Motoki Seguchi1, Fumiko Harada2 and Hiromitsu Shimakawa1, 1Ritsumeikan University, Japan, 2Connect Dot Ltd., JapanFull Text
146 1011 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Navigation in Cluttered Environments Peter Regier, Lukas Gesing and Maren Bennewitz, University of Bonn, GermanyFull Text
147 1011 Machine Learning for Multiple Stage Heart Disease Prediction Khalid Amen, Mohamed Zohdy and Mohammed Mahmoud, Oakland University, USA Full Text
148 1011 Lebanon Uprising: A Thorough Study of Lebanese Tweets Reda Khalaf and Mireille Makary, Lebanese International University, Lebanon Full Text
149 1011 Survey on Federated Learning Towards Privacy Preserving AI Sheela Raju Kurupathi1 and Wolfgang Maass1, 2, 1German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany, 2Saarland University, GermanyFull Text
150 1011 A Case Study on Maintainability of Open Source Software System Jabref Denim Deshmukh, Ravi Theja Kataray and Tallari Rohith Girikshith, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, SwedenFull Text
151 1011 Local Self-Attention based Connectionist Temporal Classification for Speech Recognition Deng Huizhen and Zhang zhaogong, Heilongjiang University of China, China Full Text
152 1011 Applicability of Deep Neural Networks on the Task of Document Retrieval M. Shoaib Malik1, 2 and Dagmar Waltemath1, 1University Medicine Greifswald, Germany, 2Air University, PakistanFull Text
153 1011 The Design and Implementation of Language Learning Chatbot with XAI using Ontology and Transfer Learning Nuobei SHI, Qin Zeng and Raymond Lee, Beijing Normal University, Hong Kong & Baptist University United International College, ChinaFull Text
154 1011 Comparative Study on Eye Gaze Estimation in Visible and IR Spectrum Susmitha Mohan and Manoj Phirke, HCL Technologies, India Full Text
155 1012 Augmenting Linguistic Semi-Structured Data for Machine Learning - A Case Study using Framenet Breno W. S. R. Carvalho1, Aline Paes2 and Bernardo Gonçalves3, 1IBM Research, Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Brazil, 2Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Brazil, 3IBM Research, BrazilFull Text
156 1012 Unsupervised Clustering for Distorted Image with Denoising Feature Learning Qihao Lin, Jinyu Cai and Genggeng Liu, Fuzhou University, ChinaFull Text
157 1012 A Game-Based Interactive Training System for Improving the Engagement of Hazard Learning and Training David Hu1, Jack Gao1, Yu Sun2, Fangyan Zhang3, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA, 3ASML, USAFull Text
158 1012 An Empirical Study with A Low-Cost Strategy for Improving the Energy Disaggregation via Questionnaire Survey Chun-peng Chang, Wen-Jen Ho, Yung-chieh Hung, Kuei-Chun Chiang and Bill Zhao, Institute for Information Industry, TaiwanFull Text
159 1012 Mathematical Simulation of Package Delivery Optimization using a Combination of Carriers Valentyn M. Yanchuk, Andrii G. Tkachuk, Dmitry S. Antoniuk, Tetiana A. Vakaliuk, and Anna A. Humeniuk, Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University, UkraineFull Text
160 1012 An Internet-of-Things Application to Assist the Detection of Falling to the Ground Yifei Yu1, Yu Sun2, Fangyan Zhang3, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA, 3ASML, USAFull Text
161 1012 CRICTRS: Embeddings based Statistical and Semi Supervised Cricket Team Recommendation System Prazwal Chhabra, Rizwan Ali and Vikram Pudi, International Institute of Information Technology, IndiaFull Text
162 1012 Analyzing and Filtering Food Items in Restaurant Reviews: Sentiment Analysis and Web Scraping Nina Luo1, Caroline Kwan1, Yu Sun2, Fangyan Zhang3, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA, 3ASML, USAFull Text
163 1012 TrueReview: An Objective Product Rating and Ranking Based on User Reviews using AI and Data Analytics Lirui (Harrison) Huang1, Yu Sun2, Fangyan Zhang3, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA, 3ASML, USAFull Text
164 1012 A Novel Index-based Multidimensional Data Organization Model that Enhances the Predictability of the Machine Learning Algorithms Mahbubur Rahman, North American University, USAFull Text
165 1012 Automated Essay Scoring System using Multi-Model Machine Learning Wilson Zhu1 and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
166 1012 A Genetic Programming based Hyper-Heuristic for Production Scheduling in Apparel Industry Cecilia E. Nugraheni, Luciana Abednego and Maria Widyarini, Parahyangan Catholic University, IndonesiaFull Text
167 1012 SmartTank: An Internet-of-Things (IoT) Application to Automate the Water Tank Refilling using Computer Vision and AI Henry Hamilton1, Yu Sun2, Fangyan Zhang3, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA, 3ASML, USAFull Text
168 1012 A Smart Internet-of-Things Application for Shoe Recommendations using Pressure Sensor and Raspberry PI Yutian Fan1, Yu Sun2 and Fangyan Zhang3, 1Milton Academy, USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA 3ASML, USAFull Text
169 1012 Forex Data Analysis Using Weka Luciana Abednego and Cecilia Esti Nugraheni, Parahyangan Catholic University, IndonesiaFull Text
170 1012 ReCodez: An Intelligent and Intuitive Online Coding Editor using Machine Learning and AI Justin Kim1, Yu Sun2 and Fangyan Zhang3, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA, 3ASML, USAFull Text
171 1012 Do8Now: An Intelligent Mobile Platform for Time Management using Social Computing and Machine Learning Ruichu (Eric) Xia1, Yu Sun2, Fangyan Zhang3, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA, 3ASML, USAFull Text
172 1012 Automation of Political Biases Detection using Machine Learning Bill Zheng, USA Full Text
173 1012 Fitable: A Free Convenient Solution to Your Health Goals Wesley Fan1, Eric Wasserman1, Eiffel Vuong1, Dylan Lazar1, Matthew Haase1 and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
174 1012 Fusion of Multi-Focus Images with Neighbour Local Distance Ias Sri Wahyuni1 and Rachid Sabre2, 1Universitas Gunadarma, Indonesia, 2University of Burgundy/Agrosup Dijon, FranceFull Text
175 1013 The Temtum Consensus Algorithm – A Low Energy Replacement to Proof of Work Richard Dennis and Gareth Owenson, University of Portsmouth, United KingdomFull Text
176 1013 Smart Insurance Contract against Political Risks: Definitions and General Reflections Remy Zgraggen, University Oldenburg, SwitzerlandFull Text
177 1013 GDPR Compliance for Blockchain Applications in Healthcare Anton Hasselgren, Paul Kengfai Wan, Margareth Horn, Katina Kralevska, Danilo Gligoroski and Arild Faxvaag, NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, NorwayFull Text
178 1013 Data Prediction of Deflection Basin Evolution of Asphalt Pavement Structure Based on Multi-Level Neural Network Shaosheng Xu, Jinde Cao and Xiangnan Liu, Southeast University, ChinaFull Text
179 1013 Stability Analysis of Quaternion-valued Neural Networks with Leakage Delay and Additive Time-varying Delays Qun Huang and Jinde Cao, Southeast University, ChinaFull Text
180 1013 An Investigation of Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Teachers and their Attitudes to Computer Assisted Language Learning (Call) Amid the Covid-19 Health Pandemic Louise Hanna, David Barr, Helen Hou and Shauna Mc Gill, Ulster University, United KingdomFull Text
181 1014 News Article Text Classification and Summary for Authors and Topics Aviel J. Stein1, Janith Weerasinghe2, Spiros Mancoridis1 and Rachel Greenstadt2, 1Drexel University, USA, 2New York University, USAFull Text
182 1014 Cada-Fvae-Gan: Adversarial Training for Few-Shot Event Detection Xiaoxiang Zhu, Mengshu Hou, Xiaoyang Zeng and Hao Zhu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, ChinaFull Text
183 1014 Semantic Management of Enterprise Information Systems through Ontologies Valentina Casola and Rosario Catelli, University of Naples Federico II, ItalyFull Text
184 1014 Injecting Event Knowledge into Pre-Trained Language Models for Event Extraction Zining Yang, Siyu Zhan, Mengshu Hou, Xiaoyang Zeng and Hao Zhu, University of Electronic Science & Technology of China, ChinaFull Text
185 1014 Arabic Location Name Annotations and Applications Omar ASBAYOU, Lumière University, FranceFull Text
186 1014 Joint Extraction of Entity and Relation with Information Redundancy Elimination Yuanhao Shen and Jungang Han, Xi`an University of Posts and Telecommunications, ChinaFull Text
187 1014 Domain-Transferable Method for Named Entity Recognition Task Vladislav Mikhailov1, 2 and Tatiana Shavrina1, 2, 1Sberbank, Russia and 2Higher School of Economics, RussiaFull Text
188 1014 Chinese Medical Question Answer Matching based on Interactive Sentence Representation Learning Xiongtao Cui and Jungang Han, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, ChinaFull Text
189 1014 A Pattern-Mining Driven Study on Differences of Newspapers in expressing Temporal Information Yingxue Fu1, 2 and Elaine Uí Dhonnchadha2, 1University of St Andrews, UK, 2Trinity College Dublin, IrelandFull Text
190 1014 Multi-Layer Attention Approach for Aspect based Sentiment Analysis Xinzhi Ai1, Xiaoge Li1, Feixiong Hu2, Shuting Zhi1 and Likun Hu2, 1Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, China, 2Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, ChinaFull Text
191 1014 A Topological Method for Comparing Document Semantics Yuqi Kong1, Fanchao Meng1 and Ben Carterette2, 1University of Delaware, USA, 2Spotify, USAFull Text
192 1014 Moderation Effect of Software Engineers’ Emotional Intelligence (EQ) between their Work Ethics and their Work Performance Shafia Khatun and Norsaremah Salleh, Kulliyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), MalaysiaFull Text
193 1014 Unique Software Engineering Techniques: Panacea for Threat Complexities in Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC) with Big Data Uchechukwu Emejeamara1, Udochukwu Nwoduh2 and Andrew Madu2, 1Connecticut Section, USA, 2Federal Polytechnic Nekede, NigeriaFull Text
194 1014 Network Defense in an End-to-End Paradigm William R. Simpson and Kevin E. Foltz, The Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), USAFull Text
195 1014 Time Series Classification with Meta Learning Aman Gupta and Yadul Raghav, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, IndiaFull Text
196 1014 Deep Learning Roles based Approach to Link Prediction in Networks Aman Gupta and Yadul Raghav, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, IndiaFull Text
197 1014 Inverse Space Filling Curve Partitioning Applied to Wide Area Graphs Cyprien Gottstein1, Philippe Raipin Parvedy1, Michel Hurfin2, Thomas Hassan1 and Thierry Coupaye1, 1TGI-OLS-DIESE-LCP-DDSD, Orange Labs, France, 2Univ Rennes, FranceFull Text
198 1014 Energy Aware Routing with Computational Offloading for Wireless Sensor Networks Adam Barker and Martin Swany, Indiana University, USAFull Text
199 1014 Frustration Intensity Prediction in Customer Support Dialog Texts Janis Zuters and Viktorija Leonova, University of Latvia, LatviaFull Text
200 1014 An Automated Data-Driven Prediction of Product Pricing Based on Covid-19 Case Number using Data Mining and Machine Learning Zhuoyang Han1, Ang Li2 and Yu Sun3, 1University of California, USA, 2California State University, USA, 3California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
201 1014 Phone Clustering Methods for Multilingual Language Identification Ronny Mabokela, University of Johannesburg, South AfricaFull Text
202 1014 Resolving Code Smells in Software Product Line using Refactoring and Reverse Engineering Sami Ouali, College of Applied Sciences, Ibri, OmanFull Text
203 1014 Data Driven Soft Sensor for Condition Monitoring of Sample Handling System (SHS) Abhilash Pani, Jinendra Gugaliya and Mekapati Srinivas, Industrial Automation Technology Centre, ABB, IndiaFull Text
204 1014 Face Recognition using PCA Integrated with Delaunay Triangulation Kavan Adeshara and Vinayak Elangovan, Penn State Abington, USAFull Text
205 1014 Obstacle Avoidance and Path Finding for Mobile Robot Navigation Poojith Kotikalapudi and Vinayak Elangovan, Penn State Abington, USAFull Text
206 1014 Improving Workload Estimation in Inexperienced Teams with Hybrid Agile Approach Fabiano S. Pires, Cícero A. L Pahins and Paulo Fonseca, Sidia R&D Institute, BrazilFull Text
207 1015 Intrusion Detection in Computer Systems by using Artificial Neural Networks with Deep Learning Approaches Sergio Hidalgo-Espinoza, Kevin Chamorro-Cupuerán and Oscar Chang-Tortolero, University of Yachay Tech, EcuadorFull Text
208 1015 An Optimized Cleaning Robot Path Generation and Execution System using Cellular Representation of Workspace Qile He1 and Yu Sun2, 1Webber Academy, Canada, 2California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
209 1015 Towards a Risk Assessment Model for Big Data in Cloud Computing Environment Saadia Drissi, Soukaina Elhasnaoui, Hajar Iguer, Siham Benhadou and Hicham Medromi, Hassan II University, MoroccoFull Text
210 1015 Digiprescription: An Intelligent System to Enable Paperless Prescription using Mobile Computing and Natural-language Processing Richard Zhang1, Mary Zhao1, Yucheng Jiang2, Sophadeth Rithya2, and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
211 1015 Image Wafer Inspection based on Template Matching Massimiliano Barone, STMicroelectronics, ItalyFull Text
212 1015 An Efficient Language-Independent Multi-Font OCR for Arabic Script Hussein Osman, Karim Zaghw, Mostafa Hazem and Seifeldin Elsehely, Cairo University, EgyptFull Text
213 1015 FPGA Routing Acceleration by Extracting Unsatisfiable Subformulas Zhang Jianmin, Li Tiejun and Ma Kefan, National University of Defense Technology, ChinaFull Text
214 1015 Incremental Automatic Correction for Digital VLSI Circuits Lamya Gaber1, Aziza I. Hussein2 and Mohammed Moness1, 1Minia University, Egypt, 2Effat University, KSAFull Text
215 1015 U-MentalismUtility Patent: an Overview Luís Homem, Centro de Filosofia das Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, PortugalFull Text
216 1015 An Interactive Application to Assist Biology Learning using Augmented-reality Wenxi Li1, Marisabel Chang2 and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
217 1015 A Context-aware and Geo-based Mobile Application to Automate the Notification of Public Health Issues Angela Xiang1 and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
218 1015 SmartCallerBot: A Multi-level Incoming Call Number Detection and Blocking using Context-award Technique and Artificial Intelligence Kaiwen Fu1, Marisabel Chang2 and Yu Sun2, 1Fairmont Preparatory Academy, USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
219 1015 Minimising Delay and Energy in Online Dynamic Fog Systems Faten Alenizi and Omer Rana, Cardiff University, UKFull Text
220 1015 Using Machine Learning Image Recognition for Code Reviews Michael Dorin1, 2, Trang Le2, Rajkumar Kolakaluri2 and Sergio Montenegro1, 1Universität Würzburg, Germany, 2University of St. Thomas, USAFull Text
221 1015 An Intelligent and Data-Driven Mobile Platform for Youth Volunteer Management using Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Alyssa Huang1 and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
222 1015 Explainable AI for Interpretable Credit Scoring Lara Marie Demajo, Vince Vella and Alexiei Dingli, University of Malta, MaltaFull Text
223 1015 A New Framework of Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Financial Fraud Detection Chie Ikeda, Karim Ouazzane and Qicheng Yu, London Metropolitan University, UKFull Text
224 1015 3-D Offline Signature Verification with Convolutional Neural Network Na Tyrer1, Fan Yang1, Gary C. Barber1, Guangzhi Qu1, Bo Pang1 and Bingxu Wang1, 2, 1Oakland University, USA, 2Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, ChinaFull Text
225 1015 Negative Sampling in Knowledge Representation Learning: A Mini-Review Jing Qian1, 2, Gangmin Li1, Katie Atkinson2 and Yong Yue1, 1Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China, 2University of Liverpool, United KingdomFull Text
226 1015 Evaluating Dutch Named Entity Recognition and De-Identification Methods in the Human Resource Domain Chaïm van Toledo, Friso van Dijk and Marco Spruit, Utrecht University, the NetherlandsFull Text
227 1015 Parallel Data Extraction using Word Embeddings Pintu Lohar and Andy Way, Dublin City University, IrelandFull Text
228 1016 Finding Music Formal Concepts Consistent with Acoustic Similarity Yoshiaki Okubo, Hokkaido University, JapanFull Text
229 1016 Concatenation Technique in Convolutional Neural Networks for COVID-19 Detection Based on X-ray Images Yakoop Razzaz Hamoud Qasim, Habeb Abdulkhaleq Mohammed Hassan, Abdulelah Abdulkhaleq Mohammed Hassan, Taiz University, YemenFull Text
230 1016 A Grid-Point Detection Method based on U-Net for a Structured Light System Dieuthuy Pham1, 2, Minhtuan Ha1, 2 and Changyan Xiao1, 1Hunan University, China, 2Saodo University, VietnamFull Text
231 1016 Artist, Style and Year Classification using Face Recognition and Clustering with Convolutional Neural Networks Doruk Pancaroglu, STM A.S., Ankara, TurkeyFull Text
232 1016 Multi Scale Temporal Graph Networks for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition Tingwei Li, Ruiwen Zhang, Qing Li, Tsinghua University, ChinaFull Text
233 1016 Local Branching Strategy-Based Method for the Knapsack Problem with Setup Samah Boukhari1, Isma Dahmani2 and Mhand Hifi3, 1LaROMaD, USTHB, Algérie, 2AMCD-RO, USTHB, Algerie, 3EPROAD EA4669, UPJV, FranceFull Text
234 1016 Linear Regression Evaluation of Search Engine Automatic Search Performance Based on Hadoop and R Hong Xiong, University of California, USAFull Text
235 1016 Extracting the Significant Degrees of Attributes in Unlabeled Data using Unsupervised Machine Learning Byoung Jik Lee, Western Illinois University, USAFull Text
236 1016 A Predictive Model for Kidney Transplant Graft Survival using Machine Learning Eric S. Pahl, W. Nick Street, Hans J. Johnson and Alan I. Reed, University of Iowa, USAFull Text
237 1016 Predicting Failures of Molteno and Baerveldt Glaucoma Drainage Devices Using Machine Learning Models Paul Morrison1, Maxwell Dixon2, Arsham Sheybani2, Bahareh Rahmani1, 3, 1Fontbonne University, USA, 2Washington University, USA, 3Maryville University, USAFull Text
238 1017 Genetic Algorithm for Exam Timetabling Problem - A Specific Case for Japanese University Final Presentation Timetabling Jiawei LI and Tad Gonsalves, Sophia University, JapanFull Text
239 1017 A Study into Math Document Classification using Deep Learning Fatimah Alshamari1, 2 and Abdou Youssef1, 1The George Washington University, USA, 2Taibah University, KSAFull Text
240 1017 An Examination of Relationship between Career Maturity and Multiple Factors by Feature Selection Shuxing Zhang1 and Qinneng Xu2, 1Shenzhen College of International Education, China, 2Shenzhen Liangyi Information Technology Co., Ltd, ChinaFull Text
241 1017 How to Engage Followers: Classifying Fashion Brands According to Their Instagram Profiles, Posts and Comments Stefanie Scholz1 and Christian Winkler2, 1Wilhem Loehe University of Applied Sciences, Germany, 2datanizing GmbH, chwarzenbruck, GermanyFull Text
242 1017 Regularization Method for Rule Reduction in Belief Rule-based System Yu Guan, Fuzhou University, ChinaFull Text
243 1017 Machine Learning Algorithm for NLOS Millimeter Wave in 5G V2X Communication Deepika Mohan1, G. G. Md. Nawaz Ali2 and Peter Han Joo Chong1, 1Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, 2University of Charleston, USAFull Text
244 1018 New Algorithms for Computing Field of Vision over 2D Grids Evan R.M. Debenham and Roberto Solis-Oba, The University of Western Ontario, CanadaFull Text
245 1018 A Multilevel Technology Acceptance Management Model Gilbert Busolo, Lawrence Nderu and Kennedy Ogada, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, KenyaFull Text
246 1018 Minimum Viable Model Estimates for Machine Learning Projects John Hawkins, Transitional AI Research Group, AustraliaFull Text
247 1018 An Intellectual Approach to Design Personal Study Plan via Machine Learning Shiyuan Zhang1, Evan Gunnell2, Marisabel Chang2 and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USAFull Text
248 1018 PNFUZZ: A Stateful Network Protocol Fuzzing Approach Based on Packet Clustering HuiHui He and YongJun Wang, National University of Defense Technology ChangSha, ChinaFull Text
249 1018 Towards Assessing Critical Infrastructures’ Cyber-Security Culture During COVID-19 Crisis: A Tailor-made Survey Anna Georgiadou, Spiros Mouzakitis and Dimitrios Askounis, National Technical University of Athens, GreeceFull Text
250 1018 The Statistical Correlation between Distortion and Adding Signal for PAPR Reduction in OFDM based Communication Systems Désiré Guel1, Boureima Zerbo2, Jacques Palicot3 and Oumarou Sié1, 1Joseph Ki-Zerbo University, Burkina Faso, 2Thomas-Sankara University, Burkina Faso, 3CentraleSupélec/IETR, Campus de Rennes, FranceFull Text
251 1018 A Fuzzy BI-Objective Model for SVM with an Interactive Procedure to Identify the Best Compromise Solution Hager Ali Yahia1, Mohammed Zakaria Moustafa1, Mohammed Rizk Mohammed1 and Hatem Awad Khater2, 1Alexandria University, Egypt, 2Horus University, EgyptFull Text
252 1018 Importance of the Single-Span Task Formulation to Extractive Question-answering Marie-Anne Xu1 and Rahul Khanna2, 1Crystal Springs USA, 2University of Southern California, USAFull Text
253 1018 Automatic Generation of Text for Match Recaps using Esport Caster Commentaries Oluseyi Olarewaju, Athanasios V. Kokkinakis, Simon Demediuk, Justus Roberstson, Isabelle Nölle, Sagarika Patra, Daniel Slawson, Alan P. Chitayat, Alistair Coates, Ben Kirman, Anders Drachen, Marian Ursu, Florian Block and Jonathan Hook, University of York, UKFull Text
254 1018 Profiling NVIDIA Jetson Embedded GPU Devices for Autonomous Machines Yazhou Li1 and Yahong Rosa Zheng2, 1Beihang University, China, 2Lehigh University, USAFull Text
255 1018 SMARTAJWEED Automatic Recognition of Arabic Quranic Recitation Rules Ali M. Alagrami1 and Maged M. Eljazzar2, 1University of Venice, Italy, 2Cairo University, EgyptFull Text
256 1019 Improving Deep-Learning-based Face Recognition to Increase Robustness against Morphing Attacks Una M. Kelly, Luuk Spreeuwers and Raymond Veldhuis, University of Twente, The NetherlandsFull Text
257 1019 Research on Noise Reduction and Enhancement of Weld Image Xiang-Song Zhang1, Wei-Xin Gao1 and Shi-Ling Zhu2, 1Xi'an Shiyou University, China, 2Xi’an University of Post and Telecommunications, ChinaFull Text
258 1019 On Some Desired Properties of Data Augmentation by Illumination Simulation for Color Constancy Nikola Banić1, Karlo Koščević2, Marko Subašić2 and Sven Lončarić2, 1Gideon Brothers, Croatia, 2University of Zagreb, CroatiaFull Text
259 1019 Mar_Security: A Joint Scheme for Improving the Security in VANET using Secure Group Key Management and Cryptography (SGKC) Mahabaleshwar Kabbur and V. Arul Kumar, REVA University, IndiaFull Text
260 1019 An Efficient Dynamic Call Admission Control for 4G and 5G Networks Maharazu Mamman1 and Zurina Mohd Hanapi2, 1Federal College of Education Katsina, Nigeria, 2Universiti Putra Malaysia, MalaysiaFull Text
261 1019 Deep Feature Extraction via Sparse Autoencoder for Intrusion Detection System Cao Xiaopeng and Qu Hongyan, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, ChinaFull Text
262 1019 Research on Dynamic PBFT Consensus Algorithm Cao Xiaopeng and Shi Linkai, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, ChinaFull Text
263 1019 Augmenting Resource Allocation Techniques for the Management of ICU Beds During COVID-19 Pandemic Seyed Mohssen Ghafari, Richard Nichol and Richard A. George, Faethm AI Company, AustraliaFull Text
264 1019 Blind SQL Injection Attacks Optimization Ruben Ventura, Independent Security Researcher, MexicoFull Text
265 1019 An Intelligent based System for Blind People Monitoring in a Smart Home Pamely Zantou1, Mikael A. Mousse2, Béthel C. A. R. K Atohoun3, 1Institut de Formation et de Recherche en Informatique Université d’Abomey-Calavi, Benin, 2Institut Universitaire de Technologie Université de Parakou, Benin, 3Ecole Supérieure de Gestion d’Informatique et des SciencesFull Text
266 1019 Assessing the Mobility of Elderly People in Domestic Smart Home Environments Björn Friedrich, Enno-Edzard Steen, Sebastian Fudickar and Andreas Hein, Carl von Ossietzky University, GermanyFull Text
267 1019 Quality Model based on Playability for the Understandability and Usability Components in Serious Video Games Iván Humberto Fuentes Chab, Damián Uriel Rosado Castellanos, Olivia Graciela Fragoso Diaz and Ivette Stephany Pacheco Farfán, Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Escárcega (ITSE), MéxicoFull Text
268 1019 Predicting Disease Activity for Biologic Selection in Rheumatoid Arthritis Morio YAMAUCHI1, Kazuhisa NAKANO2, Yoshiya TANAKA2 and Keiichi HORIO1, 1Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan, 2University of Occupational and Environmental Health, JapanFull Text
269 1019 Quantum Clustering Analysis: Minima of the Potential Energy Function Aude Maignan1 and Tony Scott2, 1Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann, France, 2RWTH-Aachen University, GermanyFull Text
270 1019 Forest Fire Prediction in Northern Sumatera using Support Vector Machine Based on the Fire Weather Index Darwis Robinson Manalu1, 2, Muhammad Zarlis1, Herman Mawengkang1 and Opim Salim Sitompul1, 1Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, 2Universitas Methodist Indonesia, IndonesiaFull Text
271 1019 Deep & Attentional Crossing Network for Click-through Rate Prediction Youming Zhang, Ruofei Zhu, Zhengzhou Zhu, Qun Guo, Lei Pang, Peking University, ChinaFull Text
272 1020 Image Processing Failure and Deep Learning Success in Lawn Measurement J. Wilkins1, M. V. Nguyen1 and B. Rahmani1, 2, 1Fontbonne University, USA, 2Maryville University, USAFull Text
273 1020 Biometric Foetal Contour Extraction using Hybrid Level Set Rachana Jaiswal and Srikant Satarkar, Amravati University, IndiaFull Text
274 1020 Lower Bound of Zero-visibility Cops and Robber Game on the Cube Grid Jiahui Wang and Farong Zhong, Zhejiang Normal University, ChinaFull Text
275 1020 Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Classifiers for Intrusion Detection using UNSW-NB15 Dataset Geeta Kocher1 and Gulshan Kumar2, 1MRSPTU, India, 2SBSSTC, IndiaFull Text
276 1020 Multi Image Steganography using Distributed LSB Algorithm and Secret Text Recovery on Stego Image Corruption Jagan Raj Jayapandiyan1, C. Kavitha2 and K. Sakthivel3, 1Periyar University, India, 2Thiruvalluvar Govt. Arts College, India, 3K. S. Rangasamy College of Technology, IndiaFull Text
277 1020 Product Recommendation using Object Detection from Video, Based on Facial Emotions Kshitiz Badola1, Ajay Joshi2 and Deepesh Sengar3, 1Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, India, 2Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College (University of Delhi), India, 3Riga Technical University, LatviaFull Text
278 1020 Clinical Assessment and Management of Covid-19 Patients using Artificial Intelligence Rashmi Phalnikar1, Subhal Dixit2 and Harsha Talele3, 1SCET, MIT WPU, India, 2Sanjeevan Hospital, India, 3KCES’s COEM, IndiaFull Text
279 1020 Application of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in Architecture and Planning: an Overview Pearl Jishtu and Madhura A Yadav, Manipal University Jaipur, IndiaFull Text
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