Privacy Preserving Data Aggregation and Dynamic Billing System in Smart Grid Using Permissioned Blockchain


Ozgur Oksuz, Adiyaman University, Turkey


This paper proposes an efficient data aggregation and dynamic billing system that it consists of a permissioned blockchain. This blockchain contains a ledger that keeps users’ anonimized identities and electricity consumption for predefined time ranges. Using consumption data of users, a billing mechanism is able to bill the users accordingly. In the construction, since all the parties in the system have the ledger, every party has the aggregated usage of the electricity without using very heavy cryptographic operations such as homomorphic encryption, bilinear pairing, etc. Using the ledgers in our model, the aggregation of the users’ electricity consumption can be computed by anyone in the system. Moreover, users are able to verify their bills and check any data using a signature scheme. This results that integrity of all data is going to be preserved. The proposed approach mainly uses hash functions to provide the same functionality (aggregation of the users’ data consumption, data integrity check and dynamic pricing and billing) with preserving data privacy of the users.


Full Text  Volume 10, Number 1