SMARTAJWEED Automatic Recognition of Arabic Quranic Recitation Rules


Ali M. Alagrami1 and Maged M. Eljazzar2, 1University of Venice, Italy, 2Cairo University, Egypt


Tajweed is a set of rules to read the Quran in a correct Pronunciation of the letters with all its Qualities, while Reciting the Quran. which means you have to give every letter in the Quran its due of characteristics and apply it to this particular letter in this specific situation while reading, which may differ in other times. These characteristics include melodic rules, like where to stop and for how long, when to merge two letters in pronunciation or when to stretch some, or even when to put more strength on some letters over other. Most of the papers focus mainly on the main recitation rules and the pronunciation but not (Ahkam AL Tajweed) which give different rhythm and different melody to the pronunciation with every different rule of (Tajweed). Which is also considered very important and essential in Reading the Quran as it can give different meanings to the words. In this paper we discuss in detail full system for automatic recognition of Quran Recitation Rules (Tajweed) by using support vector machine and threshold scoring system.


SVM, Machine learning, speech recognition, Quran Recitation, Tajweed.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 18