Semantic Management of Enterprise Information Systems through Ontologies


Valentina Casola and Rosario Catelli, University of Naples Federico II, Italy


This article introduces a model for cloud-aware enterprise governance with a focus on its semantic aspects. It considers the need for Business-IT/OT and Governance-Security alignments. The proposed model suggests the usage of ontologies as specific tools to address the governance of each IT/OT environment in a holistic way. The concrete utilization of ISO and NIST standards allows to correctly structure the ontological model: in fact, by using these wellknown international standards it is possible to significantly reduce terminological and conceptual inconsistencies already in the design phase of the ontology. This also brings a considerable advantage in the operational management phase of the company certifications, congruently aligned with the knowledge structured in this manner. The semantic support within the model suggests further possible applications in different departments of the company, with the aim of evaluating and managing projects in an optimal way, integrating different but important points of view of stakeholders.


Cloud, Enterprise, Governance, Information management, Ontology, Semantic systems.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 14