Multi Image Steganography using Distributed LSB Algorithm and Secret Text Recovery on Stego Image Corruption


Jagan Raj Jayapandiyan1, C. Kavitha2 and K. Sakthivel3, 1Periyar University, India, 2Thiruvalluvar Govt. Arts College, India, 3K. S. Rangasamy College of Technology, India


In this proposed research work, an attempt has been made to use multiple image files for steganography encoding along with the capability of secret text recovery in the event of any image corruption during the transit. This algorithm is effective on the security factor of secret image since the embedded checksum will validate for any unauthorized users or intruders attempt to corrupt the picture in any aspect. If any of the stego image underwent any steganalysis or MiM attack, then this proposed algorithm can effectively regenerate the content of one stego image using other intact stego images received in the receiving end.


Steganography, Multi-cover image, secret message recovery.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 20