Arabic Location Name Annotations and Applications


Omar ASBAYOU, Lumière University, France


This paper show how location named entity (LNE) extraction and annotation, which makes part of our named entity recognition (NER) systems, is an important task in managing the great amount of data. In this paper, we try to explain our linguistic approach in our rule-based LNE recognition and classification system based on syntactico-semantic patterns. To reach good results, we have taken into account morpho-syntactic information provided by morpho-syntactic analysis based on DIINAR database, and syntactico-semantic classification of both location name trigger words (TW) and extensions. Formally, different trigger word sense implies different syntactic entity structures. We also show the semantic data that our LNE recognition and classification system can provide to both information extraction (IE) and information retrieval(IR).The XML database output of the LNE system constituted an important resource for IE and IR. Future project will improve this processing output in order to exploit it in computerassisted Translation (CAT).


Location name annotations, Location named entities, Information retrieval, Information extraction.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 14