Time Series Classification with Meta Learning


Aman Gupta and Yadul Raghav, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, India


Meta-Learning, the ability of learning to learn, helps to train a model to learn very quickly on a variety of learning tasks; adapting to any new environment with a minimal number of examples allows us to speed up the performance and training of the model. It solves the traditional machine learning paradigm problem, where it needed a vast dataset to learn any task to train the model from scratch. Much work has already been done on meta-learning in various learning environments, including reinforcement learning, regression task, classification task with image, and other datasets, but it is yet to be explored with the time-series domain. In this work, we aimed to understand the effectiveness of meta-learning algorithms in time series classification task with multivariate time-series datasets. We present the algorithm’s performance on the time series archive, where the result shows that using meta-learning algorithms leads to faster convergence with fewer iteration over the non-meta-learning equivalent.


Time Series, Classification, Meta Learning, Few Shot Learning, Convolutional Neural Network.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 14