Evaluating the Impact of Different Types of Crossover and Selection Methods on the Convergence of 0/1 Knapsack using Genetic Algorithm


Waleed Bin Owais, Iyad W. J. Alkhazendar and Mohammad Saleh, Qatar University, Qatar


Genetic Algorithm is an evolutionary algorithm and a metaheuristic that was introduced to overcome the failure of gradient based method in solving the optimization and search problems. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the impact on the convergence of Genetic Algorithm vis-a‘-vis 0/1 knapsack. By keeping the number of generations and the initial population fixed, different crossover methods like one point crossover and two-point crossover were evaluated and juxtaposed with each other. In addition to this, the impact of different selection methods like rank-selection, roulette wheel and tournament selection were evaluated and compared. Our results indicate that convergence rate of combination of one point crossover with tournament selection, with respect to 0/1 knapsack problem that we considered, is the highest and thereby most efficient in solving 0/1 knapsack.


Genetic, Crossover, Selection, Knapsack, Roulette, Tournament, Rank, Single Point, Two Point, Convergence

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 11