Leading DevOps Practice and Principle Adoption


Krikor Maroukian1 and Stephen R. Gulliver2, 1Microsoft, Greece and 2University of Reading, Henley Business School, UK


This research, undertaken in highly structured software-intensive organizations, outlines challenges associated to agile, lean and DevOps practices and principles adoption. The approach collected data via a series of thirty (30) interviews, with practitioners from the EMEA region (Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Georgia, Greece, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, UK), working in nine (9) different industry domains and ten (10) different countries. A set of agile, lean and DevOps practices and principles, which organizations choose to include in their DevOps adoption journeys were identified. The most frequently adopted structured service management practices, contributing to DevOps practice adoption success, indicate that those with software development and operation roles in DevOps-oriented organizations benefit from existence of highly structured service management approaches such as ITIL.


Agile, Lean, Practices and Principles, DevOps Leadership, IT service management.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 5