A Review of Behavior Analysis of College Students


Wei-hong WANG, Hong-yan LV, Yu-hui CAO, Lei SUN and Qian FENG, Hebei University of Economics and Business, China


Student behavior analysis plays an increasingly important role in education data mining research, but it lacks systematic analysis and summary. Based on reading a large amount of literature, this paper has carried out the overall framework, methods and applications of its research. Comprehensive combing and elaboration. Firstly, statistical analysis and knowledge map analysis of the relevant literature on student behavior analysis in the CNKI database are carried out, and then the research trends and research hot spots are obtained. Then, from the different perspectives of the overall process and technical support of student behavior analysis, the overall framework of the research is constructed, and the student behavior evaluation indicators, student portraits and used tools and methods are highlighted. Finally, it summarizes the principal applications of student behavior analysis and points out the future research direction.


Student Behavior, Knowledge Graph, Behavior Analysis, Student Portraits, Data Mining.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 10