Comparison of GNSS Patch Versus GPS L1 Patch Antenna Performance Characteristic


Gholam Aghashirin1, Hoda S. Abdel-Aty-Zohdy1, Mohamed A. Zohdy1, Darrell Schmidt1 and Adam Timmons2, 1Oakland University, USA, 2McMaster University, Canada


Antenna module is a vital component of automated driving systems, it should function as needed in dGPS, HD map correction services, and radio and navigation systems. The proposed antenna model for GPS only patch antenna operating at 1.57542 GHz and the GNSS patch antenna resonating at 1.5925 GHz are developed. This work presents the design, modelling, determining passive gain of the GPS patch vs. GNSS antenna with intended targeted applications within the automotive system. Simulation are undertaken to evaluate the performance of the proposed GNSS antenna. Simulation conducted in FEKO software rather than mathematical modelling. The two antennas are also compared from the size standpoint. The goal of this paper is to test, measure and evaluate the performance of GPS against GNSS antennas. Another emphasis of this paper is how to obtain the equivalent amount of total passive gain in a GPS vs. that of GNSS antenna.


Differential Global Position System (dGPS), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Globalnaya Navigazionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema (GLONASS), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Automated Driving (AD), Modelling, comparison, measurements, analysis.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 9