An Internet-of-Things Application to Assist the Detection of Falling to the Ground


Yifei Yu1, Yu Sun2, Fangyan Zhang3, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA, 3ASML, USA


As people get old, the risk of them falling increases; the fall will impact senior citizens more negatively than younger people. My grandmother once fell and hit her when she was alone at home, and she instantly became unconscious. Frequently, senior citizens are unable to help themselves after they fall, even if they remain conscious. However, there isn’t a product that senior citizens can use to notify their relatives right away if they fall, and this leads to the question of how we can bring immediate aid to all senior citizens after they fall. This paper brings forward the product and software that can solve this problem. The product is a small wristband that detects any falls or collisions and notifies relatives right away. The software is an accompanying app that shows the data recorded from those falls or collisions, specifically designed for family members to keep track of their elders. We applied our application during our test sessions and conducted a qualitative evaluation of the approach. The results show that this experiment is a great solution to our problem, but with a few limitations and weaknesses.


Detection of falling, wristband, iOS, Android.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 12