Filter-based Active Suspension System with Adapted Reference Input


Adel Djellal1 and Rabah Lakel2, 1Higher School for Industrial Technologies, Annaba, Algeria and 2Badji Mokhtar University, Algeria


In this paper, the Active Suspension system is controlled using a PID controller with an adapted reference point. After the derivation of the quarter car suspension model. Three approaches were applied: passive suspension system, Active Suspension system with constant reference and with adapted reference. The proposed approach was focusing on system life span; how to reduce brutal controller actions, that can cause car body damage, and assure a certain ride comfort? Simulation of three approaches has been done using the quarter car system and Matlab simulation model to implement the proposed technique and compare performance variation in different cases: road bump and other road disturbances.


Active Suspension system, PID controller, Quarter car model, Passive Suspension system

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 1