Finding Music Formal Concepts Consistent with Acoustic Similarity


Yoshiaki Okubo, Hokkaido University, Japan


In this paper, we present a method of finding conceptual clusters of music objects based on Formal Concept Analysis. A formal concept (FC) is defined as a pair of extent and intent which are sets of objects and terminological attributes commonly associated with the objects, respectively. Thus, an FC can be regarded as a conceptual cluster of similar objects for which its similarity can clearly be stated in terms of the intent. We especially discuss FCs in case of music objects, called music FCs. Since a music FC is based solely on terminological information, we often find extracted FCs would not always be satisfiable from acoustic point of view. In order to improve their quality, we additionally require our FCs to be consistent with acoustic similarity. We design an efficient algorithm for extracting desirable music FCs. Our experimental results for The MagnaTagATune Dataset shows usefulness of the proposed method.


formal concept analysis, music formal concepts, music objects, terminological similarity, acoustic similarity.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 16