From Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering for Digital Transformation


Kiran Kumaar CNK, Capgemini India Private Limited, Bengaluru, India


Defects are one of the seven prominent wastes in lean process that arises out of the failure of a product or functionality from meeting customer expectations. These defects, in turn, can cause rework and redeployment of that product or functionality again, which costs valuable time, effort, and money. As per the survey, most of the clients invest much time, energy, and money in fixing production defects. This paper provides information about ways to move into quality engineering from quality assurance mode for digital transformation by diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive approaches, it also outlines the overall increase in quality observations, given QA shift left and continuous delivery through Agile with the integration of analytics and toolbox.


Diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive approaches, continuous delivery through Agile

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 2