U-MentalismUtility Patent: an Overview


Luís Homem, Centro de Filosofia das Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal


This paper discloses in synthesis a super-computation computer architecture (CA) model, presently a provisional Patent Application at INPI (nº 116408). The outline is focused on a method to perform computation at or near the speed of light, resorting to an inversion of the Princeton CA. It expands from isomorphic binary/RGB (typical) digital “images”, in a network of (UTM)s over Turing-machines (M)s. From the binary/RGB code, an arithmetic theory of (typical) digital images permits fully synchronous/orthogonal calculus in parallelism, wherefrom an exponential surplus is achieved. One such architecture depends on any “cell”- like exponential-prone basis such as the “pixel”, or rather the RGB “octet-byte”, limited as it may be, once it is congruent with any wave-particle duality principle in observable objects under the electromagnetic spectrum and reprogrammable designed. Well-ordered instructions in binary/RGB modules are, further, programming composed to alter the structure of the Internet, in virtual/virtuous eternal recursion/recurrence, under man-machine/machine-machine communication ontology.


U-Mentalism, Super-computation, Computer Architecture, Cybernetics, Programming Languages Design

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 15