Effective Teaching Startegies in an Online Enviroment


Keith Buckley, Director of Physical Education Rollins College (USA), USA


The online classroom is a powerful teaching and learning arena in which new practices and new relationships can make significant contributions to learning. Instructors must be trained not only to use technology, but also to shift the ways in which they organize and deliver material. Making this shift can increase the potential for learners to take charge of their own learning process and facilitate the development of a sense of community. In constructing an online course, the instructor must take into account: designing the course, implementing content, facilitating learning, relevant assignments and course evaluation. A learner-centered approach acknowledges what students bring to the online classroom, their background, needs, and interests, and what they take away as relevant and meaningful outcomes. This paper will explore how to design implement and instruct a thorough online course that engages the student and gives them a platform to learn and enhance their academic experience.


Online Learning, Education, Teaching.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 8