Towards Assessing Critical Infrastructures’ Cyber-Security Culture During COVID-19 Crisis: A Tailor-made Survey


Anna Georgiadou, Spiros Mouzakitis and Dimitrios Askounis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece


This paper outlines the design and development of a survey targeting the cyber-security culture assessment of critical infrastructures during the COVID-19 crisis, when living routine was seriously disturbed and working reality fundamentally affected. Its foundations lie on a security culture framework consisted of 10 different security dimensions analysed into 52 domains examined under two different pillars: organizational and individual. In this paper, a detailed questionnaire building analysis is being presented while revealing the aims, goals and expected outcomes of each question. It concludes with the survey implementation and delivery plan following a number of pre-survey stages each serving a specific methodological purpose.


Cybersecurity Culture, Assessment Survey, COVID-19 Pandemic, Critical Infrastructures.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 18