Parking Assistance Display with Estimated Parking Space Using Stereo Vision


Chi-Cheng Cheng, Chi-Cheng Lee, and Jyun-Han Huang, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan


Inexperienced drivers always suffer from limited spatial information coming from side and review mirrors to complete parking tasks. The major obstacle is that they cannot easily estimate relative position of the parking space with respect to their vehicles. Therefore, this paper aims to develop a parking assistance display system that can continuously provide the top view of both the vehicle and the parking space for drivers. The system applies two wide-angle cameras mounted at the rear of the vehicle. In order to search for two farther corners of the parking space with efficiency, the FAST corner detection technique is employed. Three dimensional spatial coordinates of those corners can therefore be determined by the stereo vision framework. As a result, the position of the parking space relative to the vehicle can be estimated. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed parking assistance display, actual parking experiments with a golf cart were conducted. Experimental results demonstrate the parking tasks can be successfully accomplished with the help from the presented assistance display.


Parking Assistance Display, Stereo Vision, Corner Detection, Parking Space Estimation.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 6