Usability Evaluation to Improve Operation Interface of Wireless Device: Pressure Range of Touch Sensor


Sangwoo Cho and Jong-Ha Lee, Keimyung University, South Korea


Usability evaluation of wireless device can find improvement about user convenience. This study investigated natural finger pressure range when presses touch sensor. Fifteen adults (Male: 10, Female: 5, Age: 26.13 ± 3.98 years) were recruited in this experiment. Subjects carried out a usability evaluation about wireless device operation. The usability evaluation measured finger pressure on touch sensor operation of wireless device using finger pressure sensor. Subjects performed 1.76±0.95 times until pressing the touch sensor to complete task (t = 3.091, p = 0.008). In comparisons between natural movement and the movement to complete task, more finger pressure value was decreased in natural movement than the movement to complete task (t = -2.277, p = 0.039). This study found a finger pressure values to improve effectiveness of wireless device operation interface. Finger pressure value was presented to induce natural movement for the use of touch sensor.


Usability Evaluation, Operation Interface, Finger Pressure Range, Wireless Device.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 11