IoT Model for Smart Universities: Architecture, Challenges, and Applications


Amr Adel, Whitecliffe College of Technology and Innovation, New Zealand


The utilization and implementation of IoT based technology in the learning environment is effective as all the activities among everyone is related to technology only. Also the adoption of the use of the technology is preferred by many. Hence, proposing a model that can regulate the various process of institution is essential as well as advantageous for the instructors as well as to the learners. Hence, the various aspect that comes up in adopting such a model is briefly described along with the flow that the model will exercise. The benefits, challenges and its application in the field of education is represented well. The researchers can further expand the study and refine as well as carry out future research in this domain.


Internet of Things, Higher Education, E-Learning, Radio-frequency identification, Learning Environment & Learner.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 11