Fusion of Multi-Focus Images with Neighbour Local Distance


Ias Sri Wahyuni1 and Rachid Sabre2, 1Universitas Gunadarma, Indonesia, 2University of Burgundy/Agrosup Dijon, France


The aim of multi-focus image fusion is to integrate images with different objects in focus so that we obtained a single image with all objects in focus. In this paper, we present a novel multifocus image fusion method based on neighbour local variability (NLV). This method takes into consideration the information in the surrounding region of pixels. Indeed, at each pixel, the method exploits the local variability calculated from quadratic difference between the value of pixel and the value of all pixels that belong to its neighbourhood. It expresses the behaviour of pixel relative to all pixels belonging to its neighbourhood. The variability preserves edge feature because it detects the abrupt image intensity. The fusion of each pixel is performed by weighting each pixel by the exponential of the local variability. The precision of this fusion depends on the largenumberof the neighbourhood where the largenumber depends on the blurring characterized by the variance and its size of blurring filter. We constructed a model that gives the value of the large….. from the variance and the size of blurring filter. Comparing our method with other methods, it shows the best result.


Neighbour Local Variability, Multi-focus image fusion, Root Mean Square Error (RMSE).

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 12