A Wide Band Microstrip Monopole Slot Antenna for Chipless RFID Applications


Chaker ESSID1, Hedi SAKLI2,3 and Nizar SAKLI3, 1Carthage University, Tunisia, 2University of Gabes, Tunisia, 3EITA Consulting, France


A new design of wideband microstrip antenna, where slots are placed on structure, is proposed. Also, a newly structure of a monopole antenna based on the noches form is designed using the HFSS. It has been found that the characteristics of new microstrip antenna are comparable to the conventional patch antennas, whereas its gain, directivity, and radiating efficiency are remarkably improved which make it to be useful in RFID chipless applications. The proposed antenna operates from 11.45 to 13.28 GHz, and 14.61 to 19.55 GHz can be used in RFID chipless applications, and it has a bandwidth about 677 MHz. The return loss of the proposed antenna is indeed below -10 dB. Prototype for all antennas are fabricated and measured and a good agreement between the measured and simulated results is achieved.


Slot antenna, notches, monopole antenna, chipless RFID, multi resonant, wide band.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 11