SmartCallerBot: A Multi-level Incoming Call Number Detection and Blocking using Context-award Technique and Artificial Intelligence


Kaiwen Fu1, Marisabel Chang2 and Yu Sun2, 1Fairmont Preparatory Academy, USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA


Recently, I have received many spam calls every day. My phone number is associated with many essential accounts due to this reason, so I could not change a new phone number. Sometimes the spam call wakes me up at 7 am on the weekend. This situation has sustained from March to June. It bothers my life. I have tried to put them in my phone blacklist, however every time the number call in is different, so my blacklist does not help so much. This paper proposes an application to automatically detect the call content and tell the user what kind of call it is. We applied our application to the call, especially from other states or countries. The results show that the app can detect if the call is a spam call or not.


Voice Recognition, Spam detection, Firebase, Artificial intelligence

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 15