Rate Control Based on Similarity Analysis in Multi-view Video Coding


Tao Yan1, In-Ho Ra2, Deyang Liu3, Deli Chen1, Yu Youhao1 and Shaojie Hou1, 1Putian University, China, 2Kunsan National University, South Korea and 3Anqing Normal University, China


As with previous single-view video coding, in order to promote the application of multi-view video coding, multi-view video coding also needs to study the appropriate rate control algorithm. Bit rate control has always been a difficult research topic in multi-view video coding. In multi-view video coding, there are 6 types of coded image, so the previous rate control algorithm for single-view video cannot be directly applied to multi-view video coding. The bit rate control is divided into a four-layer structure for bit rate control of multi-view video coding. Among them, the frame-layer code rate control considers the layer B frame and other factors to allocate the code rate, and the basic unit-layer code rate control uses different quantization parameters according to the content complexity of the macroblock. The average error between the actual bit rate and the target bit rate of the bit rate control algorithm can be controlled by 2.39%.


Multi-view video coding, Rate control, Bit allocation, Basic unit layer

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 5