Biometric Foetal Contour Extraction using Hybrid Level Set


Rachana Jaiswal and Srikant Satarkar, Amravati University, India


In medical imaging, accurate anatomical structure extraction is important for diagnosis and therapeutic interventional planning. So, for easier, quicker and accurate diagnosis of medical images, image processing technologies may be employed in analysis and feature extraction of medical images. In this paper, some modifications to level set algorithm are made and modified algorithm is used for extracting contour of foetal objects in an image. The proposed approach is applied on foetal ultrasound images. In traditional approach, foetal parameters are extracted manually from ultrasound images. Due to lack of consistency and accuracy of manual measurements, an automatic technique is highly desirable to obtain foetal biometric measurements. This proposed approach is based on global & local region information for foetal contour extraction from ultrasonic images. The primary goal of this research is to provide a new methodology to aid the analysis and feature extraction from foetal images.


Active contour, Region-based, Edge-based, Hybrid Approach, Foetal images.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 20