Ready to Use Virtual Machine Pool Cache using Warm Cache


Sudeep Kumar, Deepak Kumar Vasthimal and Musen Wen, eBay Inc., San Jose, CA, USA


Today, a plethora of distributed applications are managed on internally hosted cloud platforms. Such managed platforms are often multi tenant by nature and not specifically tied to a single use-case. Smaller footprint of infrastructure on a managed cloud platform has its own set of challenges especially when applications are required to be infrastructure aware for quicker deployments and response times. There are often times and challenges to quickly spawn ready to use instances or hosts on such infrastructure. As part of this paper we outline mechanisms to quickly spawn ready to use instances for application while also being infrastructure aware. In addition, paper proposes architecture that provides high availability to deployed distributed applications.


cloud computing, virtual machine, elastic, elastic search, consul, cache, java, kibana, mongoDB, high performance computing, architecture.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 10