Forex Data Analysis Using Weka


Luciana Abednego and Cecilia Esti Nugraheni, Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia


This paper conducts some experiments with forex trading data. The data being used is from, a website that provides datasets for machine learning and data scientists. The goal of the experiments is to know how to design many parameters in a forex trading robot. Some questions that want to be investigated are: How far the robot must set the stop loss or target profit level from the open position? When is the best time to apply for a forex robot that works only in a trending market? Which one is better: a forex trading robot that waits for a trending market or a robot that works during a sideways market? To answer these questions, some data visualizations are plotted in many types of graphs. The data representations are built using Weka, an open-source machine learning software. The data visualization helps the trader to design the strategy to trade the forex market.


forex trading data, forex data experiments, forex data analysis, forex data visualization, weka.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 12