FCNNMD: A Novel Fusion Method based on Convolutional Neural Network for Malware Detection


Jing Zhang1 and Yu Wen2, 1University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China and 2Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Malicious software are rampant and do great harm. The present mainstream malware detection technology has many disadvantages, such as high labour cost, large system overhead, and inability to detect new malware. We propose a novel fusion method based on convolutional neural network for malware detection (FCNNMD). For the sample imbalance problem faced by the convolutional neural network malware detection method, the non-malicious sample is added by means of generating anti-network generation, etc., to achieve the same number as the malicious sample. For the problem of low accuracy of single model detection, high false positive rate and false negative rate, a malware detection model is constructed by means of model fusion. The model combines four classical convolutional neural network structures. Experiments show that this method can effectively improve the accuracy and robustness of the model. Our method does not need actual running software and has high detection efficiency.


Malware Detection, Grayscale Image, Convolutional Neural Networks, Model integration

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 6