Developing E-learning System to Support Math in Thai Education Curriculum (Primary Level)


Piya Techateerawat, Thammasat University, Thailand


E-learning is a common tool to support the education in variety of scenarios. As the education content can be prepared by the group of specialists, but the skilled teachers are limited in remote area. Also, the contents in most curriculum are planned to distribute to limited skilled people. The gap of education can be full-filled with E- learning system. However, the conventional E-learning is high cost system and not appropriated for rural area. Also, open-source system is complicated to implement and configure in dedicated curriculum. This research is proposed the customized design of E-learning system for primary Thai education curriculum. As Thai education curriculum was updated in 2017, school and teacher need to update the plan and methodology accordingly. Our research is based on the actual Thai school in Ratchaburi province by using the Android framework. The system is designed and implemented from actual requirements from teachers and students in grade 3. As a result, the result show student involvement and continue using of system in both school and extra hours. The feedback from actual usage also is evaluated.


E-learning, Android, Thai Curriculum.

Full Text  Volume 10, Number 8