Mitigation of Pressure Injuries Utilizing Machine Learning and an Inertial Wearable


Maya Trutschl1, Urska Cvek2, Andrea L. Brumley3, Steven A. Conrad3 and Marjan Trutschl2, 1USA, 2LSU Shreveport, USA, 3LSU Health Sciences Center, USA


Pressure ulcers, or pressure injuries, are localized areas of skin and/or underlying tissue necrosis that typically occur over bony prominences due to a prolonged pressure or friction. They can lead to serious morbidity and mortality, emphasizing the need for prevention. This project utilizes a database of demographic and clinical features of a large patient data set and applies machine learning to determine the higher risk patients, coupled with a complimentary device to assist in the prevention of pressure injuries. A complementary monitoring system is built based on an inertial wearable utilizing an inexpensive microcontroller and a gyroscope. The combined approach is evaluated, fine-tuned, and assessed based on different performance metrics.


Pressure ulcers, Machine Learning, Inertial Wearable

Full Text  Volume 14, Number 12