ROS-based Intelligent Vital Sign Monitoring Robot


Yu-Ping Liao, Hong-Xin Wu, Wen-Hsiang Yeh, and Yi-Lin Cheng, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan


We want to solve the problem that the elderly or heart patients will not miss the golden time for rescue in case of sudden death or emergency event at home. Therefore, this work proposes an intelligent vital sign monitoring robot based on Robotic Operating System (ROS). The heart rate is measured and monitored through the millimeter wave module. At the same time, the infrared thermal imager and the cloud database are combined with image recognition to detect the temperature of a person’s head, and the measured head temperature and heart rate data are regularly uploaded in combination with blockchain technology to establish a complete vital signs database. When the robot detects an unexpected situation, it uses IFTTT service to send a Line message notification to notify the family or the rescue unit as soon as possible to avoid more unfortunate accidents.


Remote vital sign monitoring, millimeter wave radar, non-contact vital sign monitoring, IoT, YOLOv7, Robot Operating System, Autonomous Mobile Robot, thermal imager, Firebase .

Full Text  Volume 13, Number 3