Social Media Network Attacks and their Preventive Mechanisms: A Review


Emmanuel Etuh, Francis S. Bakpo and Eneh A.H, University of Nigeria, Nigeria


We live in a virtual world where actual lifestyles are replicated. The growing reliance on the use of social media networks worldwide has resulted in great concern for information security. One of the factors popularizing the social media platforms is how they connect people worldwide to interact, share content, and engage in mutual interactions of common interest that cut across geographical boundaries. Behind all these incredible gains are digital crime equivalence that threatens the physical socialization. Criminal minded elements and hackers are exploiting social media platforms (SMP) for many nefarious activities to harm others. As detection tools are developed to control these crimes so also hackers’ tactics and techniques are constantly evolving. Hackers are constantly developing new attacking tools and hacking strategies to gain malicious access to systems and attack social media network thereby making it difficult for security administrators and organizations to develop and implement the proper policies and procedures necessary to prevent the hackers’ attacks. The increase in cyber-attacks on the social media platforms calls for urgent and more intelligent security measures to enhance the effectiveness of social media platforms. This paper explores the mode and tactics of hackers’ mode of attacks on social media and ways of preventing their activities against users to ensure secure social cyberspace and enhance virtual socialization. Social media platforms are briefly categorized, the various types of attacks are also highlighted with current state-of-the-art preventive mechanisms to overcome the attacks as proposed in research works, finally, social media intrusion detection mechanism is suggested as a second line of defense to combat cybercrime on social media networks.


Intrusion Detection System, Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, Hackers, Social Media Platform, Online Social Network Intrusion.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 24