Advanced Skills Mapping and Career Development Using AI


Yew Kee Wong, HuangHuai University, China


Artificial intelligence has been an eye-popping word that is impacting every industry in the world. With the rise of such advanced technology, there will be always a question regarding its impact on our social life, environment and economy thus impacting all efforts exerted towards continuous development. From the definition, the welfare of human beings is the core of continuous development. Continuous development is useful only when ordinary people’s lives are improved whether in health, education, employment, environment, equality or justice. Securing decent jobs is a key enabler to promote the components of continuous development, economic growth, social welfare and environmental sustainability. The human resources are the precious resource for nations. The high unemployment and underemployment rates especially in youth is a great threat affecting the continuous economic development of many countries and is influenced by investment in education, and quality of living.


Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources, Conceptual Blueprint, Continuous Development, Learning and Employability Blueprint.

Full Text  Volume 11, Number 20